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Argie Martinez
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Occupation: Registered Nurse/ Owner and Operator

Company: Preferred Care at Home North Austin and Williamson County

Birthday: June 10

Place of Birth: Houston, Texas – Currently Lives in Austin, Texas

College: Texas A&M International University

Major: Bachelor Science Nursing (BSN)

Last Book Read: Change your World -John Maxwell

Last Netflix series watched: I don’t have Netflix acct.

How is a day in your life?

A Day in my life starts at 6:30 am meditation and prayer.  Intentional plan my day and set goals daily.  I make my bed while thinking about my daily schedule. A Normal day may consist of assessments of new clients, interviews with new staff, meetings with A Team, a little of everything- marketing, billing, collections, and Networking. Lunch meetings or with staff. Dinner with husband.

What is the biggest misconception about women in business?

Misconception is that women don’t know or do much and decreased validation.

How do you balance family and career?

      I balance work and family by keeping boundaries on what needs to stay at work.  My work involves healthcare. Life and death are very common in my everyday life.  Grief is a very common topic. I try not to bring home emotional stress.  Focus on celebrating our victories and discussing learning lessons.

What do Latinas bring to the table? Does ethnicity play a role at the time of doing business?

Latinas value the importance of family and culture.  Ethnicity plays a big role in my business.  Healthcare involves integrity, honesty, compassion, love, and emotional intelligence in order to provide quality care.

Why do you think that are not many Latinas in leadership positions?

    Latina’s value family time.  Many skip careers to raise their children and care for their families.

How important is money when it comes to job satisfaction?

Money is important if you want to serve more.  I have always focused on serving well and God aligns financial gains.

What must be done to empower women to pursue high ranking positions?

I believe in Healthcare (Nursing) Legislature advocacy is scarce.  Nursing careers should have a greater value.

People know you are a Latina when …..

 the job is done.  Latinas are a hardworking force that never gives up and charge to accomplish more.

What is the secret of your success? How did you get where you are today?

The secret of my success is passion for what I do.  Along with preparation and training.  I believe refining the skills required has led me to own and operate my business with confidence in all roles of the business. 

Biggest mistake made? losing focus on guarding my family. 

What are you most proud of? I am most proud of raising 3 boys.

Who inspires you?

My Husband inspires me.  He is my business mentor and spiritual coach.

What is your superpower?

My Superpower is multitasking and getting the job done.  I am told have a great deal of patience and endurance for the difficult clients.

Argie Martinez

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