Meet the author: adriana devers

NAME: Adriana Devers

OCUPATION: Author| Educator|

COMPANY: Creator of Cuentos de Triadas INC., providing meaningful and enriched learning experiences that elevate the diverse cultures within our communities.

BIRTHDAY: Born March 26, 1981 in Santo Domingo, DR.

PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Resides in Long Island, New York

COLLEGE: Attended Suffolk Community College and Stony Brook University

BA Spanish Language and Literature, MALS, Teaching Certificate. 15+ years teaching experience

LAST BOOK READ: Mejorar la raza de Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro & Whatever Love is

Love de Maria Bello

LAST NETFLIX SERIE WATCHED: Watching Netflix «Amend» and trying to catch up with all the Marvel movies with my kids.